Redfish Instrument's mission includes producing the next-generation of electrical measurement tools. But we are committed to a lot more.


We are committed to our customers


We designed the iDVM multimeter to enable you to do your work better and faster. We're so confident that you'll be delighted with your new multimeter from Redfish that we provide a one-year warranty.


We are committed to innovation


Wirelessly connect your multimeter to your Android or iOS device? Who would have thought such a thing possible? This unique pairing provides tremendous user interface advantages. Learn how the iDVM multimeter works and how easy it is to use.


We are committed to our stakeholders


Redfish employees have a clean, safe, courteous and pleasant work environment where they can expect to earn a competitive wage and benefits. Our stockholders can expect to receive a fair return on their investment. Our vendors can expect that we'll negotiate honestly and in good faith. Our distribution channel partners can expect that we will do everything that we can to deliver a quality product when we say we will and at a fair price. Most importantly, our customers can expect that we'll hold their collective interests above all else.

These are the things that we believe. Most importantly, we strive to be a company with whom you will be proud to do business. We look forward to that opportunity.