The iDVM is a professional tool for skilled professionals.


The Challenge


"Let me know when the power comes on when I flip this switch."


The solution


Electrical contractors and others in the building trades often need to know the result of an action that they take - like flipping a switch. The iDVM allows a contractor to attach the meter to a circuit under test, and from a distance - like at the electrical panel - turn the power on and off to see the effect. The iPhone will automatically log electrical measurements as they are being made, and will display the results. If your hands are occupied, the iDVM will speak the electrical measurement values instead.


The benefits of a wireless connection


The fact that the iDVM links to your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or Android device wirelessly means that data can be taken in a variety of locations in a building or on a job site, and all of it can be wirelessly transmitted back to your mobile device. From there, you can email the data, post the data to the cloud (such as Dropbox), or use the ad-hoc web server function to share your data with clients, customers, and colleagues. All of the intuitive features of the Apple and Android user interfaces are available just as you would expect. You can pan, scroll and pinch your data for better visualization. The data can be saved for future visualization as well.


Keep track of your data with geo-tagging


Location information is also very useful. With the integrated GPS capability of the iPhone and Android devices, acquired data can be geo-tagged. This way, when data is stored or submitted the data will have exact longitude and latitude coordinates where it was taken. This is extremely useful as various jobs are geographically diverse. It's always difficult to keep track of data, so geo-tagging offers a unique method of tracking important data.