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iDVM lte
iDVM lte
iDVM lte
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Ever need more hands? iDVM lte puts hands where yours can't be.

INTRODUCING the new iDVM lte

Watch our videos Introduction to the iDVM lte | iDVM lte Setup

The iDVM lte allows data taken by any Fieldpiece accessory head to be wirelessly transmitted to your iOS or Android smart phone or tablet computer. Use the power of your smart phone or tablet computer to:

  • Autonomously log measurements over hours or days
  • Make measurements at a distance (up to 100 feet away)
  • Geotag the data
  • Store the data for subsequent reports
  • Email the data to customers or colleagues
  • Establish a web server to share the data with a separate device
  • Hear the measurements via ear buds allowing hands free operation
  • Plus much more.

Using your Fieldpiece accessory heads, measure:

  • Air velocity and temperature
  • AC and DC current up to 600A via current clamp
  • Voltage up to 600V
  • Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Flourine, Carbon Monoxide
  • Vacuum and pressure
  • Relative humidity
  • Wet bulb
  • Dew point
  • Superheat and subcooling for A/C and refrigeration

Simple Instructions

Most features are described in the in-app instructions with differences described below. Prior to wirelessly pairing your iOS or Android device to the iDVM lte, please be sure that the iDVM app is not operating in "Demo Mode"

Set up WiFi

  • Open settings on iOS or Android device and select the Fieldpiece_XXXX network.
  • Open the iDVM application on your iOS or Android device. The iDVM lte will take several seconds to pair up.
  • The app will produce a pop up that tells the user that they are using a version of the hardware that is associated with the Fieldpiece.
  • Notice that only the AC & DC mV buttons operate in this version.
  • Refer to the in app help manual, by selecting the small "i" at the top of the app for remaining operating instructions.

Autonomous data logging

  • After establishing a network connection and beginning to make measurements, tap the small button at the center of the selector switch.
  • Choose the appropriate duration, data rate, and/or # of data points for the logged data set.
  • You will be reminded that you will disassociate the meter with the iOS or Android device while logging is in progress.
  • After the data has been captured, the iDVM lte will automatically turn off.
  • To transfer the data from the iDVM to the iOS or Android device, unplug the iDVM lte from the Fieldpiece for serval seconds.
  • Plug the iDVM lte into the Fieldpiece and the blue light will begin to blink.
  • Reestablish the network connection, select the button on the selector switch and chose the recently acquired data to download.
  • This data can be viewed from within the app or exported as usual.

NOTE: Data reads on mV AC and DC scale and corresponds directly to the measurement of interest. In other words the display reads 71.3 using the temperature measurement head means that the temperature is 71.3 degrees F - it's that easy.


The iDVM lte must be used with Fieldpiece Accessory heads to provide any meaningful data. If you don't have and are not going to buy a Fieldpiece Accessory head, don't buy the iDVM lte.

Android users please note that it is virtually impossible to test with each and every compatible device. Thus far we have tested Samsung Galaxy running Android version 4.0, Samsung Player running Android version 3.2.5, Google Nexus 7 running Android version 4.1, and we have had some difficulty with a Virgin phone running Android 2.3.4. We ask that Android users send us an email confirming the performance of their devices as they have success, or not.

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