• iDVM lte

      INTRODUCING the new iDVM lte

      Ever need more hands? The iDVM lte puts hands where yours can't be. The iDVM lte allows data taken by any Fieldpiece accessory head to be wirelessly transmitted to your iOS or Android smart phone or tablet computer. The iDVM lte must be used with Fieldpiece Accessory heads to provide any meaningful data. If you don't have and are not going to buy a Fieldpiece Accessory head, don't buy the iDVM lte.


    • iDVM

      Our ORIGINAL Voltmeter

      World's First iPhone, iPad, and Android Enabled Wireless DMM. The iDVM is the only DMM on the market that works with the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Android products. Our unique voltmeter measures voltage, current, and resistance. The iDVM wirelessly links to the Apple/Android devices to allow the use of the tremendous Apple/Android interface as an interface to the electrical measurements made by our device.