Caution: Experiments in Progress ...


This page is a repository for information about stuff we're working on that may not be quite ready for prime-time release.  We'll put links, documents and data here that will allow our customers to participate and share data, or simply look over our shoulders as we run the experiments.

iDVM Bluetooth Specification

The iDVM multimeter is a standard Bluetooth-LE device that publishes its information through BT-LE services and characteristics.  If you want to look at the raw data from an iDVM meter, or write your own software to interface with one, feel free to use this spec as reference.

HTML Panels

Version 1.6 of the iDVM2 iOS app (now in Beta) will introduce a new panel type, in addition to the current panels for graphing, meter dials, etc.  The "HTML Panel" will allow the user to load in a standard web page, but with the additional functionality of delivering measurement data from the meter.  This will allow users to create their own panels, using HTML, CSS and Javascript, for custom data display or form entry.

While the user can specify any URL in the Settings of an HTML panel, we've written a couple of example panels to demonstrate the new functionality: