Service and repair technicians perform a vital role and the iDVM multimeter provides a set of features that make their jobs easier and more efficient.

The Challenge


Clients and management frequently request written reports with data provided.


The Solution


The iDVM multimeter provides unique data acquisition and storage capabilities due to its integration with iOS and Android devices. A service technician can easily record voltage, current and/or resistance measurements on the mobile device. Using the integrated file sharing features of iOS and Android, the data can easily be emailed or uploaded for subsequent review and formatting, using either WiFi or the cellular network, whichever is available.

Location information is also very useful. With the integrated GPS capability of iOS and Android devices, acquired data can be geo-tagged. This way when the report is submitted, the data will have exact longitude and latitude coordinates where the data was taken. For example, a radio engineer working on a transmitter needs to record a variety of data for FCC compliance. The geo-tagging feature lets the engineer organize measurements and data by transmitter locations.

By selecting the "Details" button when viewing data files in the app, a map appears with the current location identified as a blue drop pin. Touch the pin and a text box asks if this should be the location for the project. If yes, the longitude and latitude are automatically placed in the details section of the data.


iDVM's voice function lets you hear reading as they change


It is often difficult to hold a voltmeter and see the display at the same time. The iDVM has an integrated speech function that permits the user to listen to the readings as they change. This allows the user to keep their hands free for use with the business end of the meter. Using the radio engineer as an example, measurements frequently need to e made on the transmitter tower, where concentration is critical. The last thing that a radio engineer needs is something else to hold while thirty feet or more up on a tower. By deleting the voice read-out, the electrical measurements are "spoken" through the internal speaker or ear-buds of the device. The voice function is a great example of using the integrated features of the iOS or Android device to extend measurement capabilities.


Wireless feature lets you make measurements from a distance


The wireless feature of the iDVM is critically important to many applications where service and repair technicians need to make measurements at a distance from their meter. Using our radio engineer as an example again: it is typically more convenient for the engineer who is on the ground to make measurements using an iDVM voltmeter attached to the tower.  Otherwise the engineer has to go back to the tower to see the effect of any adjustments made on the ground or elsewhere.